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GWoM Comic News ...


BLAM! Comics has laid out its plans for the launch of its releases in its partnership with Richard Hatch and his The Great War of Magellan property.

For several years now, Hatch has been developing The Great War of Magellan with the intention of producing a television series. His plans also include comics and video games.

BLAM! kicked off its release at the recent MegaCon with The Official Great War of Magellan Comics Magazine.

Designed to give readers pertinent background information about the Magellan universe, as well as to whet their appetite for the upcoming comic-book series, the 48-page magazine provides articles on the making of the original live-action trailer and BLAM! Comics' plans for the series; an interview with Hatch on the genesis of the Magellan project and where he wants to go with it; and a script excerpt from the first story.

The Revenant storyline is from the first year of The Great War of Magellan comic series will give readers a taste of that.

Tracking events in the thousand years prior to the time frame of his proposed television series, Hatch and co-writers Andrew E. C. Gaska and Christian Berntsen, along with illustrator Lucius Romero, will chronicle the adventures of Akillian, the story's main protagonist. Born with abilities unlike any other human being in the Magellanic Cloud, and an untapped potential even he is unaware of, Akillian has struggled all of his life to find an identity.

The first year's story arc, a three=part epic entitled Revenant, debuts this spring with the 32 page one-shot called Act I: Legacy, and finds Akillian back within the galactic fold after a centuries long absence.

In Act II: Myth, a 72-page graphic novel coming this summer, Akillian journeys to the crossroads world of Kyronis, where a popular Trader bar, the Bladeshaft, is dominated by murmurings of his return by a mysterious old man, and tall tales of his abilities by the ubiquitous traders, criminals and other assorted vermin.

At the end of 2005, events culminate with the release of issue one of the mini-series Act III: Fate, as Akillian reestablishes his presence in the Cloud just in time to prevent the trader clans from warring with each other, and hopefully bring them together to stop the return of an ancient foe, the Nephilim.

Look for more on The Great War of Magellan soon here in The Continuum.

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