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Seeing as this'll be the first post in here in 3 years or so, I don't even know if anyone will see this any time soon, but here goes anyway...

Well, I went to my first Dragoncon back in Sept. '07, and it was absolutely amazing... didn't get to do near as much as I wanted as there was simply too much to take in! (guess I'll have to go back next year!). Although I did go to one of Richard Hatch's panels! That guy is just way cool, sadly I choked and got all nervous (hey, it was my first time meeting a childhood hero... or at least the actor who played him!), even though I shook his hand and I bought his book "So Say W e All!", which is awesome! I wanted to buy the GWOM book, as I have been tracking his progress with his story (I love it and hope he gets a full blown series off the launch pad!)... but unfortunately didn't have enough funding.  :(

Wow, that was turning into a stream of consciousness thing, sorry... let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up... He invited any who were interested to come and game GWOM that evening, but like a total reject (Frak!) I had been up and on my feet all day, went back to the hotel room to take a nap and go play GWOM later... next thing I knew it was 1 am (double Frak!!). Oh well, I hope to be able to afford the rulebook soon, then I'll come back hereand post something pertinent!   :) has a workup on GWOM that's pretty decent, although it's still a work in progress... and I read a critique on the rulebook someplace else that had both positive and negative things to say about (which is a good thing at this stage of development!), I'll try to find it and give a link here...

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